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Hello everybody!
This is the first time i write here...
I'm a deviant from 4 months but i didn't decide me to write something.
Maybe I got nothing to say...

I'm an italian (regretfully) illustrator who find job, but the global economy's crack don't help me and others young graduated to find work.

I'm also a prud supporter of Atalanta B.C. , the european football team from my town, in the north of Italy and a Scandinavia & Finland's lover.
I adore nordic music and culture!

I love also foreigners languages. I know english, french (but I don't study it from so much time, so I'm forgetting it), spanish, and some world in finnish.
I hope to learn soon finnish language but I know it isn't exactly easy!

I give you all my greetings and my thanking to all will read my journal and will watch my deviations!

hasta luego!!
  • Listening to: Skid Row - 18 and Life
  • Watching: Aurora Borealis Pictures